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Athens Taxi services Overview

A complete apercu of the diffference choices is important to you for feeling like a local.

We made an effort to propose to you a maximum of official related URL in english for all available informations.

In each review we give you the "modification date" to be able to knows if the information is acurated and updated.

Athens Taxi Services

Taxi Transfer Airport Photo

The greek taxi drivers are one of the best in the world for their kindness. They will be your first contact with Greece. The native hospitality of the Greeks, their pride to make you discover their Country in addition with the cheap fares, make Taxi the most important transport Service used by tourists. In the following review you can find:

A general description of the official Taxi transfers and the Private Cab services.

An important overview about Uber in Athens and the verry popular Athens local solution Beat.

Some Q&A about tiping, cash payments etc

Last modified: 24/12/2017

Athens Taxi Rates to:

The target is to give you approximatly rates only for information about the official Athens Taxi. Rates depend of the traffic in Center Athens and after midnight the rates changed until 6 o'clock at the morning..

The private cab have normally the same rates except for big limousine like Mercedes or Van's.

 Taxi transfer with Google map

20 EUR

 Taxi transfer with Google map

20 EUR

 Taxi transfer with Google map

120 EUR

 Taxi transfer with Google map

20 EUR

Last modified: 24/12/2017

Athens Airport Photo

Athens Airport Taxi services

Upon your arrival the first think is how to tuch the Athens Center for your Hotel booking or how to take your boat correspondance in Pireaus Port or Rafhna Port. You have a multiple transport choises with Public or Private Services epending of your budget and your available time..

Find a complete guide about the Metro, Tram, Bus, Train, Taxi and Private Cab's.

Last modified: 24/12/2017

Athens Airport Taxi rates to:

Informations about the timeline and the rates thru the official sites (if english version available) for all available Transport Services (Public or Private).

 Taxi transfer with Google map Athens Center

38 EUR (from 5 am to 24 pm)

Last modified: 24/12/2017

Visit with Private Cab

Visit Athens Casino

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Located on the Mt. Parnitha, only a 45-50 minutes drive from the city center, it’s a great idea for an all day escape that combines different activities. You can go hiking through the fir forest. It’ll take you about 5 hours to make the loop around the Karavola peak and come back to the casino. Although the hike is marked, a hiking map, which you can get from a travel bookstore, is quite useful.

The casino is nothing srectscular,but it has a certain retro ambience as it hasn’t been renovated for a long time. There is also a nice coffee shop for snacks , coffee and a prepaid buffet. At an elevation of about 1000 meters above the casino level, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view of the whole of Athens.

If you are a meat lover, you can taste delicious plates at the famous taverns at the foot of the mountain.

With the Public transportation that takes more than 2 hours to have acces. The best way is to take a taxi or a private cab.From there it is easy to find taxis, which will take you to Thrakomakedones with the ground station of the cable car to the Casino Mt. Parnes for 11-12 Euros. The cable car itself is free of charge.

Visit Athens Zoo

Private Transfer Services Photo

Attica Zoological Park is operating for more than 17 years, contributing to the environmental awareness and the education of its visitors, and of course to the protection of endangered species ,through the participation of more than 60 Endangered Species Programs. You can have you child’s birthday party –or a baptism reception- and turn it into an unforgettable experience. Book an educational program if you want your kids to live the excitement of learning while playing. You’ll also have the opportunity to feed and have contact with many different animals. It’s a unique journey to the five continents, through the lives of over 2000 animals from 350 species within a self-funded creation that extends to a total area of 20 hectares.

It is located in Spata area ,near Athens International Airport.

Enjoy a fun day out for all the family at Athens Zoo. Following a scenic drive through Athens, come face-to- face with lions, tigers, bears and more!

Transfer private taxi rate: 80€

Last modified: 24/12/2017

Visit Limanakia Beach

Private Transfer Services Photo

Athens is not only about monuments. There’re many beaches along the coastline. But if you want to feel like you are on an island, you should visit the “Limanakia”, a rocky beach with crystal clear and deep waters.

Located on the coastal avenue between Vouliagmeni and Varkiza area, it’ll take you 30-45 minutes to get there. Catch the bus E22 from Syntagma square or the Metro to “Elliniko”terminus and then transfer to the bus E22. Get off at stop “A Limanakia” or stop “B Limanakia” , which is the gay-friendly nudist beach.

Notes: Avoid the weekends of July and August, it’s very crowded. No toilet, umbrellas or beach beds in this place. There’re no beach bars or coffee shops, just a canteen that may be away from where you are! So, bring water and snacks with you. You’ll definitely need a hat and your sunscreen so you don’t get burned by the sun. Choose the perfect rock to sit on and enjoy an enchanting sunset!

 Taxi transfer with Google map Limanakia Google Position

Last modified: 24/12/2017

Other Private Services

Open Bus Transfer in Athens

Athens Open Bus Tours

This type of panoramic bus are convenient to visit the main centers of interest, fast. You can hop-on hop-off many times as you want.

The tickets prices are from 13€ up to 25€ a day. They are many offers with differents routes.

Rent a car

Rent a car must be taked under consideration if you have to visit areas outside Athens center.

In certain case (for exemple during the winter) the rent rate is so inexpensif (about 10€ a day) that for an 4 days trip in Athens is more costless to rent a cr that to take Taxi's. Only with the Athens Airport - Athens Center transfer, you renter your car.

All the big compagnies like Avis, Hertz etc are well installed in Greece with offices in the major Greece cities. The rates are (for a small car) between 10€ a day (in winter) to 100 € a day the summer!!

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