About Uber

Uber is not popular in Greece like in USA or other countries. Uber exist in Athens but you have to waiting a lot of time to find a driver near you. The drivers are concentrated in the Athens airport, verry few in the Center and impossible to find outside of the center of Athens.

The reason why Uber in Athens is not succesful is because the big majority of locals use another application named Beat.

The E.C. curt consider that UBER is a TAxi company.

To be a Beat driver you must have a recent and clean car, be an official Taxi (that means that a yellow cab pick-up you) and speak english. The fact that Beat is based on official taxi means you can find your taxi at any time in any place or city in 3 minutes maximum time without any extra charge. Not any extra charge is applicable and the rate is based on the Taximeter. The Taximeter begin when you open the Taxi door.

Unlike the other official Taxi, one of the advantage of Beat is that you can pay (after the ride) by PayPal or Visa card and not in cash only.

We strongly recommanded to use this Taxi Service. TripAdvisor posts recommanded warmly this application too.

You can download Beat here.

About Official Taxi

 Athens Airport Bus Station

Athens have 14 000 Taxi (same number like Paris with 6 times more population). Yes greek Taxi (not the majority) scam the tourists.

Taxi Scams https://www.smartertravel.com/2017/02/14/taxis-athens-warnings-dangers/

Many taxi drivers will not use the taximeter, so to avoid any misunderstandings and overcharging, its better to ask the driver to start the meter. Taxi drivers in Athens are required by law to always use a taximeter and issue a receipt at the end of the journey. You can remind your driver to do so in case they don’t turn on their taximeter.

While many taxi drivers are excellent professionals, it is believed that some of them try to gain more by opting for the longest route when their passenger (Greek or non Greek) is not familiar with their destination.

TIPS Ask the price before you enter the taxi.

About Private Cabs

 Athens Airport Bus Station

Due to the explosion of tourism and due to unemployment many very gratueded yung people operate Private Cab. These speaking perfect foreign languages and knows the "smart and cool" Athens.

Private Taxi offered a favourable price-quality-ratio

You can arrange to have a driver waiting for you. These car services will generally wait for you or resend a driver if your flight is delayed, making your trip as stress-free as possible. Most likely, your driver will be waiting with a name plate sign just outside the baggage area, which will further ease your stress.

Second think you can negociate the fare and the private driver can waiting you until you finish to eat for exemple.

This is the perfect drivers to show you like a real local the "real" face of Athens. They oparates Private transfers in Athens: transfer from/to Athens Casino, guide tours for Athens Street art, night life and restaurants. Transfers from/to Athens Airport too. See the official taxi rates.

How to find a private cab? Tripadvisor or Google Listing is a good way.

TIPS Never book thru Internet! Call and make an arrangement.

You can book to waiting you on the airport for your hotel transfer upon your arrival.